Trendy gradients

Go wild with colors! Customize colors in the gradients to meet your personal aesthetics or to fit in your branding style. Choose any two colors and Skin will automatically generate gradient for you. However, if you are not fan of gradients you can use one solid color or just hide everything.  

Pop-out pages

Sparkle your blog with a pop-out page here and there. You can use it for some announcement, about me page and even contact form. Also, there’s an option to set pop-out page to show on a site load. Remember, you saw this one when you came to the Skin?

And now, you can use pop-out pages in special boxes. This means they can be part of your (masonry) blog page and also they are available through widgets as well.  

Special boxes

This is one of the features we developed for our first WordPress theme DAZE and people just loved it! Special boxes give you opportunity to show some content on your (masonry) blog page and to choose how often that contend would reappear on the page automatically.

Let say, you have an infinite scroll on your home page, and you are running some promotion or inviting people to some event. It’s not enough to have that post as sticky or somewhere in the top of the page cause people will see it just once. Special boxes give you a chance to remind your visitors about what you think is important 🙂

What you can put in Special boxes:

  • Pop out page – just link to any of the Pop-out pages you have already made and it will be displayed throughout your blog list,
  • Image banner – most popular one. You can put up to 5 different image banners / banner ads and they can have external URL’s,
  • Social media – remind your visitors here and there to follow you on social networks and stay connected,
  • Popular / Latest posts – choose to show most recent posts and/or most popular ones (popularity is calculated by post views). There’s a lot of controls you can manage here.

Google Fonts integration

Elsewhere comes with integrated Google fonts so you can easily control every segment of the design such as font family or type but also line height, spacing, size etc.  This is especially useful if you already have your brand visually defined and positioned and need to use some other fonts.

Full Animated GIF support

We defined this as a standard for our first WordPress Theme DAZE and every our theme will most certainly always have full GIF support. This means that if you want Animated GIF as featured image all you have to do is upload one and it will work. You want it in slider? No problem. In the middle of the post or a page like this one below? No worries. GIFS will work everywhere. 

Huge social icons set

Are you active on social networks? Do you want to remind your visitors to check you out there and follow your feed on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. But, what if you have less popular social profiles? What if you are into music and have your MixCloud or SoundCloud profile? Or you’re into travel blogging and need people to find you on TripAdvisor? Well, no need to worry cause we got you covered! 

Skin comes with even 42 most popular social networks! All you have to do is pick ones you use, enter your profile URL and then choose where you want those icons to be displayed. You can choose between top bar, Connect special box and through Social profiles short-code. 

Here’s what we have in the shop:

 Skin is AdSense ready

Skin comes with 5 pre-defined positions for a blog page (6 on single post page) where you can easily embed popular advertising services such as AdSense, AdRoll etc. Place ads in header above or below the logo, below the slider, above and inside the footer or the sidebar. Here is the scheme of the available locations. 

User friendly short-codes

We developed 6 custom short-codes that can be accessed directly from the Editor. Those great 6 are:

Link Button – nicely generate external links into buttons like this one:

NW Instagram

Social profiles – remind visitors to follow you on your fav social networks, perfectly somewhere in the middle of some long post: 



Share buttons – give people chance to share content if they like it



Google maps – if you are travel blogger this one is precious for you. Just enter exact coordinates or address of a place and map will be generated. And not only that, you can set custom map size, custom pin and pin title.

Related posts – this short-code keep your visitors clicking on more posts that might interest them.  Related posts are chosen on same tags, so tag your posts wisely. You’ll see it at the and of every post on this demo and it looks something like this:

And super cute animated wave divider. You can change the color of the divider, make it horizontal or vertical and align it left/right/center.


 10 custom Skin Widgets

Here is the list of custom widgets you get with Elsewhere.  Below every widget is short description of its function and, as everything else, these widgets are also super easy to use and made to be highly usable. 

Demo import & documentation 

If you don’t want to set up your blog from scratch and want to see all the settings and the content we used for our demo, you can quickly import the entire demo into your blog. Also, it’s good to know that Skin comes with a highly-detailed documentation and step-by-step instructions on how you can fully customize the theme and use it’s features. Setting up your blog will be quick and easy.

Other features

  • Global settings for post lists, archives and single post pages
  • Retina ready logos for desktop and mobile devices
  • Custom made featured areas for Video, Audio, Quote, Link and Image Post Formats
  • Share text selection (on Facebook and/or Twitter)
  • Integrated Facebook comments
  • Custom Login  page
  • Custom 404 page
  • 100% translation ready theme